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College ERP Software

The Online School ERP Software solution is a web based software application for schools and colleges. It was designed user friendly application the icons and fonts are clear visibility to users. The application provides advantages to teachers, students, parents and managements now discuss the some features.

Administration: by using this application students, administration and registrations is easy

College ERP Software

Fee: to maintain the student's fee details, dues dates send notification to parents

Transport management: schools, bus is fixed with GPS by using this we track the bus route, total distance and number of stops

Library: provide digital library credentials to students

Examination: student's online exams and marks, grades generation

Timetable: generating automatic unique time table for each section of the class

Student attendance: maintain students' attendance

Dashboard: login to parents, students teachers and admin s

Notifications: Email and SMS to parents each notification of school and about the kid

The primary advantages of the Online School ERP Software are helping to educate institutes without using paper material, now a day's E learning and digital classrooms are very popular in society.

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